I knew my partner Robert’s snoring was a problem but I didn’t realise how much of a problem until my daughter Jess shocked me.

Jess had just dropped her phone on the bench as she rushed to her bedroom.

Now I would not normally ‘spy’ on Jess’s messages but a message to her friend Sherry popped up which just happened to catch my eye. It read, and I can recall it word for word, ‘I wish I could come and live with you guys because my Mum is so grumpy these days’.

Tears welled up in my eyes… how could my daughter ever feel like leaving home because her Mum was grumpy… and how could she tell her friends her mum was grumpy. We had always tried to keep family issues within the family, and here was Jess telling her friend she wanted to move out because her mum was grumpy.

What would Sherry’s parents be saying? How would they treat me the next time I saw them?

I felt like a failure. My own daughter had been affected by my ‘grumpiness’ enough to want to move away from me… my own daughter.

I was aware I hadn’t been sleeping properly and sleeping next to Robert was like sleeping next to a chainsaw going full throttle, but I hadn’t realised the effect a lack of sleep was having on my mood, which in turn was greatly affecting my family.

I started to worry even more, what about my work colleagues? I had noticed some of them would not look me in the eye anymore and I realised my moods were carrying over to work.

It all seemed so unfair.

It wasn’t me who was snoring! Robert seemed to be able to drop off to sleep in an instant while I was kept awake half the night (isn’t it always the way, the snorer gets to sleep first), yet Jess was blaming me for being grumpy.

I love Robert, and in spite of his snoring I didn’t particularly want to move out of the bedroom and away from the one I love, but the thought had crossed my mind on many occasions lately.cropped-man-909049_1280.jpg

Where was I to sleep? I didn’t fancy sleeping on the couch and I don’t think it would have been fair to sleep in Jess’s room. In light of the text message I don’t think she would have wanted me in her bedroom anyway.

I realised moving out of my bedroom was a one way street to growing apart. The person I truly loved would most likely drift out of my life and we would go our separate ways, and deep down I knew I wanted to remain with Robert because the things which initially attracted me to Robert… were still the things I loved about him.

I alternated between realising how much I cared for my Robert and getting really angry because he was snoring and I was suffering.

I needed a snoring solution… FAST.

After the giant wake-up call from Jess I determined I needed to find a solution to Robert’s snoring. The difficulty was I needed to get him on board because ‘a person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still’… and so I needed him to ‘buy into’ the solution.

The solution had to be simple. Robert was hardly going to be receptive to using a device which required him to make major changes to his life.

There was no way he would wear one of those chin straps, they looked uncomfortable and I wondered how they would be in hot weather…

I researched some of those larger mouthguards which realign the jaw. They sounded painful and I imagined a large mouthguard would only last a few nights before being discarded.

JessandIsnoringsolutionsTherein was my dilemma. I had to find a solution which was permanent. There was no use finding a device which would fix the problem for a week, or a month – I needed a device which lasted for years otherwise we would be back to the same scenario in no time at all… and there was no way I was ever going to let my daughter get to the point where she was telling her friends I was grumpy… Not going to happen again…never ever.

I also looked at a device which you inserted up your nostrils, but I had my doubts about the device. During my research into snoring solutions I learned the tongue resting against the back of the throat was usually responsible for the majority of snoring, so a device up the nostrils was hardly going to help.

I had to get this right the first time and I could not afford for Robert to use a snoring device for a few nights and then throw it on the bedside table, never to be used again… My choice had to be the right choice because there would be no second chance. Robert would just dismiss any subsequent devices as another gimmick.

Talk about pressure to make the right choice. Get it wrong and the possibility of my relationship with either Jess or Robert breaking down was very real.

After hours of searching and looking at every available option I chose the following device and for no other reason than it seemed to be the most comfortable option which I thought would give me the best chance of getting my Robert to use the device.


The Results.

I went ahead and purchased the Good Morning Snore Solution device, and as mentioned, for no other reason than it looked the most comfortable plus all the positive reports I had read about it.

In my mind I had struggled with how I was going to get Robert on board. Do I wake up grumpy and have a go at him about his snoring and give him an ultimatum – ‘use the snoring device or I am moving to another room’- or do I sit down and try and have a rational discussion with him.

In the end I decided to go the rational discussion route. After all, this is the man I love and so I was hoping he would listen to my concerns and the whole episode with Jess would also be a wake-up call for him as well. Plus I am sure he had also noticed my grumpiness and therefore would be receptive to a solution. After all – happy wife, happy life.

I think it was a bit of a shock for Robert when I detailed how much of an impact his snoring was having on the whole family. To his credit, he accepted something needed to be done and was receptive to my solution. I showed him the device and he remarked how soft and pliable it was and he said it felt reasonably comfortable when he tried it.

Yeehaaaa – First Hurdle Passed.

The first night Robert wore the device he initially tossed and turned for a while, but he eventually went to sleep – and what a difference a simple little device makes… No SNORING. I drifted off to sleep with the saying running through my head ‘the simple things in life are often the best’ thank you, thank you, thank you.

Next morning it was certainly happy wife and I was truly amazed…. what had been a major issue for me only 24 hours previously now seemed to be no longer an issue. What a difference a simple device can make and I silently uttered a word of thanks many times during that first day… and most days since.

It was not all smooth sailing, especially in the first week. Robert did have a few issues, namely the device made his tongue a little tender, but thankfully it was not bad enough for him to stop using the device.

Robert has since been using the snoring device consistently and I am really grateful to be able to report for the last two months I am getting a good night’s sleep.

And what about my relationship with Jess. Well you know what 15 year olds can be like… she doesn’t tell me a lot about what she tells her friends, but I like to think she is not telling them she has a grumpy mother anymore.

We still have our moments – especially when it comes to her choice of clothing and the amount of time she spends on her phone and tablet… but at least I am confident she is not telling her friends I am grumpy all the time… maybe just some of the time when I am telling her to get off her device!

I can’t recommend this simple snoring device highly enough… Thank you Good Morning Snore Solution.


Happy Jan.




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